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Introducing the facilities on board

There are mainly two kinds of facilities on board: one for our guests, and the other for safe navigation. Facilities for guests include guest rooms, restaurants, and public bath while facilities for navigation include a vehicle deck to store the vehicles of the guests.

Vehicle deck & Rampway
Passenger and freight vehicles self-drive to the vehicle deck through the rampway once they are registered at the reception. Rampway is like a bridge which connects the ship and the quay. Follow the instruction from our staff and use the lift or escalator to the information counter. You will then need to go through procedure to get on board.

  • From the rampway to the vehicle deck

  • The car is about to move on the rampway to the vehicle deck.

  • You can move between floors using the movable slope.

  • The vehicle is lashed here.

Bridge and control room
We call this place bridge where the captain and navigators navigate the ship. When translated in Japanese, we call it “senkyo” (ship bridge). In the bottom part of the ship, we have an engine room and a control room. We usually remote control the main engine with the engine control stand on the bridge, but the same can be done in the control room of the engine room if we switch the control.

  • Bridge. The captain and the navigators control the ship here.

  • Multifunctional multicolor display

  • Control room

  • Engine room

Safety Equipment
We have the latest safety equipment to safely transport our customers and cargos.
■Fin Stabilizer:an equipment to prevent the ship from rolling
■Bow and Stern Thrusters:it has tunnels on the right and left of the body with screws installed. This is called side thrusters. We can turn the propeller to horizontally move the ship. This made it easier to take off and landing.
■Bulbous Bow:this is invented to decrease the resistance of the wave as much as possible. Most ships adopt this bulbous bow.
■Controllable pitch propellers:the propellers have an equipment to change the angle of the wing as you want. This enables the engine to move forward and back, change the speed, and stop with the engine stably running.

  • Rader

  • Life Raft

  • Fin Stabilizer

  • Bow and Stern Thrusters

  • Controllable pitch propellers and Rudder

  • Mechanism of controllable pitch propellers