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The shortest route is 211km (130mile), and it takes about 12 hours. The longest route is 1330km (830mile), and it takes 40 hours. Because of such a long journey, the ferry can function as a passenger ship and a cargo. There are accommodations, restaurants and wide space for vehicles. Even though it would take long time to get to the destination, the cost is much cheaper than any other options because the cost includes accommodation fee. After arriving at the port, there are a lot of options to get to your destination so you won’t feel stressed out. You can take public transportations or rent a car (it would be fine to ride on bicycle if you like).
In Japan, there are over 20 World Heritages and many memorial spots of anime and National Parks, like Mt. Fuji. You can eat Japanese dishes like Sushi and RAMEN noodle, and enjoy traditional festivals, MATSURI.
We are sure that you will find new and fresh Japanese attractions, so why do not you try riding on ferry!