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"Japan Ferry Pass 21" was introduced at Inside Kyoto introducing the splendor of Japan, mainly in Kyoto. Please have a look. From here please.
"Japan Ferry Pass 21" was introduced to Japan times. Please see from here.

Why do not you visit the four seasons in Japan
with a large ferry where you can travel and stay together!
In Japan, the Golden Week is over for 10 days, and after a while, it will be rainy season. The rain brings vitality to the plants, and in the midst of a hot summer .... The landscape changes rapidly in Japan until summer. It is the best season to taste Japan blessed with nature. In addition, festivals are held all over the country. Would you like to taste summer Japan?.

Himeji castle / Hyogo prefecture/


Takachiho Farm / Miyazaki Prefecture/


NAGAOKA HANABI / Niigata prefecture/


Ōsaka Tenjinmatsuri / Osaka /


Sado Okesa / Niigata prefecture/


SEKINOOTAK I: It is a waterfall that has been certified as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, and it consists of three waterfalls, Otaki, Otaki and Otaki. It is also included in the Kirishima Geopark and has been certified as a Japan Geopark. / Miyakonojo City Miyazaki Prefecture/


Akita Nairiku Line /Akita prefecture/


Oga's Namahage Oga City Akita prefecture/


Tarai-bune Sadogashima / Niigata prefecture/


The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge / Hyogo prefecture © Kobe Tourism Bureau/


World Natural Heritage Site “The Shirakami Sanchi”. the Shirakami Sanchi is a mountainous region located in the northernmost part of Japan’s main island. It is an expansive 130,000 hectare area crossing into both Aomori and Akita prefectures./


Otsu Bonboat Sink Holding place: Otsu fishing port holding date: August 16/Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture/


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Japan Ferry Pass 21 Benefits
Let's go by ferry Japan's journey!

Good Value for Money

Japan Ferry Pass 21 costs only 21,000 yen and is available up to 6 times for 21 days. On the overnight ferry, you may be able to travel overnight without booking accommodation to save your money. It takes longer to travel by ferry than by airplane and train, but you can save money on your journey.


Comfort and Convenience

Ferries are faster than passenger ships to deliver luggage speedily. In order to live a comfortable life inside the ship, in-ship facilities such as rooms and restaurants are almost like a luxury hotel, also called moving sea hotel. It is. Japan Ferry Pass 21 offers a second-class cabin. You can also change the class by paying the difference.


Feel Spacious and Relax

You can enjoy and relax at the observation deck, game zone, kid’s zone, and public space.


Take a Bath and Feel Refreshed

A Japanese grand bath relieves your fatigue of the travel. A sauna and an open-air bath are also available depending on the ship.


Enjoy Events

You can participate in various events such as live performances, film screenings in the ship. For more details, please check the website of the ferry operator before boarding.


Spacious Restaurant with an Ocean View

You can enjoy your meal at a spacious restaurant while watching the sea.

●Almost all the facilities in the ferry are free.
Japanese style public bath, sauna, kid’s room, observation lounge, lounge (where you can enjoy live concerts and movies), etc.
●Other facilities
Shops (all daily items can be purchased here), cafés and bars.
↓ Want to see more of the onboard equipment? 

What is Japan Ferry Pass 21
Japan Ferry Pass 21 is available for 14 Ferry Route
up to 6 times during 21Days, only costs 21,000 Yen.
  • Japan Ferry Pass 21 allows you to board a ferry up to 6 times within 21 days.
  • Japan Ferry Pass 21 costs 21000 yen per person and offers second-class cabin. You can upgrade to a higher class with paying the difference. *Children under the age of 6 as of the purchase date are not charged.
  • Japan Ferry Pass 21 covers 14 long course ferry routes, which are operated by 8 ferry companies.
  • Japan Ferry Pass 21 is only available for non-citizens and non-residents of Japan who visit Japan as “tourists” from abroad.

    From Booking to Boarding
    STEP1 Select a Ferry Route

    Select the ferry port of departure and arrival on our map and you can find the date available below. You can make reservations at least 5 days before your departure date.

    STEP2 Registration and Booking

    ①Please register your details and book your ferries in the online form.
    ②As soon as you have completed the process, you will automatically receive a provisional booking email from Japan Ferry Pass 21 Office.
    ③After that, the ferry company you selected will send you the second email (confirmation email) with the details of boarding and purchase.

    STEP3 Purchase and Boarding

    Please show your booking number written in the email and the passport of all members at the ticket counter in the ferry port and pay 21,000 yen in cash. If you already have had the pass card, please show it along with them.。
    Attention: We only accept Japanese yen in cash and do not accept any other payment methods.

    You can see the inside of the ship with a video